All Alaska Sweepstakes - Candle Checkpoint

100th Anniversary of race - 1908 - 2008

Pictures and Comments by Joe May

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The narrative and description of pictures is as passed on to me by Joe May. My own comments appear in italics to distinguish from Joe's text -- Ramon Gandia, webmaster.

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[j002] The crew and visitors. The official checkpoint, Chuck & Peggy Fagerstrom's "Fairhaven Hospital" is in the background atop the hill, peeking out under the flag. -RG

[j001] Don't have all the names. Vic "the miner" from Palmer. Mark & Marcia (of the world class caribou ribs) Fairbanks from Kotzebue. Lady in the middle?? (my apology). Mike Sherman (cheker) Palmer; Larry Westlake (checker) Kiana; Dorothy Sherman (cook).

[004] Chuck & Peggy Fagerstrom, host and hostess of the Candle checkpoint.

[010] I think Marlene Moto of Deering.

[013] Larry Westlake, Mike Sherman and Joe May.

Larry raced Fur Rondy with Lombard and Attla in the late 60's. Mike was born in Kiwalik about 70 years ago (before it blew away in a storm), and Joe was born somewhere else awhile before that.

[011] The sled that Larry Westlake built... a piece of art.

[a022] Vic the miner and Larry Eggart and his ski-equipped Maule airplane. -RG

[017] Two Buckland folks who hauled gas from Buckland to Candle and Gold Run and helped where needed ... Mariah and the gentleman's name that escapes me. Bless the volunteers.

[019] Candle. Some cabins are forlorn and empty ...

[020] Candle. ... and some have smokey, cheery chimneys!

[022] Fagerstrom's (the old hospital) Built from salvaged barge timbers.

[023] "Vic's Place" at the bottom of the hill...flight control HQ.

[024] Candle ... and it is looking better than it did in 1975 when I last saw it! -- RG

[j0001] Fairhaven Hospital...the main checkpoint.

[a013] Char Keehn; KL1YI, hamette and checker "par excellance" at Ft. Davis. (Semper Fi)

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