Snowmachine Trip - 12/16/2007

(Above)     The upper reaches of Osborne Creek. Snow is real soft in those willow snarls! See next picture below.  Location:   Upper Osborne Creek.

(Above)     Ramon's Modified '07 Tundra 300F at the edge of the sunshine. This is on the upper reaches of Osborne Creek, 15 miles N.E. of Nome, and at the upper edge of vegetation.  Location:   Upper Osborne Creek (Gold Run).

(Above)     Keith readies himself. In the background is an old, abandoned mining cabin. Location: Dewey Creek, a tributary of the Nome River.

(Above)     Kenny, Ramon and Keith pose for the camera 10 miles NE of Nome. Location:  Head of Josephine Gulch, a tributary of Buster Creek.

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