Newton Peak 12/9/2007


Rescuing Kenny's Summit - 12/9/07

kenny stuck Copyright © 2007, Keith Andrews

Out of *the* Hole

Kenny's Fan Summit is now out of the hole, it only remains to get Keith out of said hole!

Basically Kenny stuck his Summit in that hole. Him and I could not get him out. So, we went into town, got Keith the Forklift, and had him come out. A bit of finesse, some lifting, and out she comes!

kenny steep Copyright © 2007, Keith Andrews

Leisurely Climb

Keith on Kenny's machine makes it look so easy!

ken on keiths Copyright © 2007, Keith Andrews

Kenny Sits on Keith's

After all the exertion, Kenny now relaxes on Keith's dinoaur cat of some sort. Keith is somewhere riding Kenny's Summit. Ramon just watched the whole thing, never lifted a finger!

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