Boston Snowmachine Trip - 3/15/2008

Winter Overnight Camping

(Above)      Up Melsing creek we went, and at the head of Melsing we climbed a 1,500 ft mountain. The snow was only about 2 foot deep up there. Here is a picture Kenny took of me, in my Darth Vader outfit. After we stopped for a few minutes, we descended to Ready Bullion Creek, swept north, then east to Boston.

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 Location:   10 Miles North of Council.

(Above)     Ken Shapiro and I are camped in Boston Creek, in anticipation of running the Boston checkpoint for the All Alaska Sweepstakes dog race on March 26th. The tent is a 10 ft square Pelsue popup tent. A propane heater kept us comfortable all night in 10 degree weather.

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 Location:   Boston Creek, 30 Mi ENE from Council, Alaska.

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