1-16-2010    I was moving along just fine, and then, there is this creek and a hole! I went in, got catapulted over the handlebars and windshield and landed on my arse just ahead and to the left of the machine. You can see the divot in the snow, shaped just like a heart.

Some days, you can't win.

Location: 200 feet south of the Nome Girl Scout Campsite. There is a small creek that runs there, and even has a cute bridge (not shown). The mountain visible in the background is Newton Peak about 4 miles north of Nome.

If you look real carefully you will see a tiny black speck on the very peak of Newton. That is a Public Safety radio site, and also a wind monitoring station. Alas, the tower that holds the wind instruments was not properly installed. A guy wire slipped, and the tower folded over. There goes $80,000 of your Taxpayer money.

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