dudes Copyright © 2008, Keith Andrews

The Four Stuck Dudes

Just past Billy's Camp, there is a mountain we travelled over and down the other side. At the bottom would be Osborne Creek.

We were 6 of us that day. Keith, Greg, Myself, Arnie the Square Head, Clinton and Henry.

The picture above is a shot of four of them stuck in the powder, kind of steepish in there with sidehilling that defeated the newbies. Keith and I were several hundred yards away.

Location: Approaching Osborne Creek.

ramon pogo Copyright © 2008, Keith Andrews

Huff, Puff Goes the Lawn Dart

Keith got his Arctic Cat Cougar stuck, and I came to help. My Tundra did Not get stuck, but I myself sure did! You can see me stuck up to my ying-yang after I got off the machine and found myself emulating a pogo stick or a lawn dart into the snow.

Naturally, I huffed and puffed and Keith -may the wrath of Philondeon be on him! -- whipped out his camera and snapped this candid shot!