Short ATV Rides

Various 2006 Trips on 4-Wheelers
-mobile friendy version-


Twin Mountain

Three of us riding... behind is Twin Mountain Creek and Twin Mountain itself. This is aproximately 20 miles Northwest of Nome. Riders are, from left to right, myself, Colby Carter, George Shoemaker.

July 22, 2006.


Bluff Trail #1

This is the trail from the Council Road to Bluff. We went through here on the way back from the Surprise Creek Shelter Cabin. Riding were Colby & Mary Carter, Hunter Bellamy, Wes Perkins, George Shoemaker and myself. This is aproximately 50 air miles east of Nome.

August 26, 2006.


Bluff Trail #2

Arriving at our destination, the Surprise Creek Shelter Cabin, showing 9-year old Hunter Bellamy. Hunter is also a radio ham, KL2AA.

August 26, 2006.


Bluff Trail #3

This is the trail back from Surprise Creek to the Council Road, and shows some of the beautiful vegetation common to the area.

August 26, 2006.


Copper Creek Ride

View of Salmon Lake, on the way to the Copper Creek gorge. The remaining pictures did not turn out ... sorry! Riders were Keith Andrews, Autumn Falls, Arnie Ashenfelter, Stacy Okpealuk and myself.

September 3, 2006.