Sydney's Healthy Years

with Don & Timmy Erickson Copyright © 2013, Ramon Gandia

Wheeling with Don and Timmy Erickson


squirrel in the pipe Copyright © 2013, Ramon Gandia

There is a noisy squirrel in the pipe!

Rembrandt and Sydney going nuts!

fetching stick Copyright © 2013, Ramon Gandia

She *Loves* Deep Water

Forty Foot Deep in Places

flambeau camp Copyright © 2014, Ramon Gandia

Flambeau River Camp

With Autumn, Eric & Karlin Smith, Renee and Myself

Notice *that* Rembrandt staring at the Grill. That dog was basically a life support system for a stomach. All he thought about was food, food, food and more food!

But ... do I notice Sydney back there more than just a little bit interested? (They got as steak apiece!)

couch potatoes Copyright © 2015, Ramon Gandia

Renee and Sydney can be such couch potatoes!


renee & nona

Nona had puppies, and Renee and Sydney went visiting at Victoria Simpson's house. Look carefully, puppies there!

Sydney, Rembrandt, Nona, PixieCopyright © 2015-2017, Ramon Gandia

Sydney, Rembrandt, Nona's Pup Pixie, Nona


in Renee's new room Copyright © 2016, Ramon Gandia

"Hey, I like Renee's new room. Even if it's not finished yet!" 6/19/2016

sound asleep Copyright © 2017, Ramon Gandia

After all day on the trails, it is sure good to hit the sack. Even if the 'bed' is a little hard! 3/13/2017

Osborne-New Eldorado camp Copyright © 2017, Ramon Gandia

Camping at Osborne Creek

Where Osborne joins New Eldorado; Rembrandt, Sydney, Autumn and I went camping.

Autumn had some sort of backpacking tent; I had a Browning camping tent, about 6x8 ft. Heated. Nice! And Sydney had a dog bed inside to boot!

at Picnic Rock

When we go out on the Buster trail towards Flambeau or Eldorado we always stop at "Picnic Rock", a rocky outcropping with a fantastic view. That is Ramon, Kierra and Sydney.

at Butterfield Canyon Copyright © 2016-2017, Ramon Gandia

We fixed up the cabin at Butterfield Canyon, and here is Sydney all happy. Her health decline started the coming winter, of 17-18.

Her Decline and Journey:

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