Pajara Creek by ATV!

July 21, 2012

First ever ATV trip into Pajara Creek

Pajara Creek, a tributary of the Eldorado river, is approximately 25 miles northeast of Nome. It was mined out of gold in the early days by a steel-hulled dredge. Herb Engstrom bought this dredge, dissassembled it, and brought the pieces overland to Basin creek where it was reassembled and put to use. It is at Basin Creek today, run by his son Ron Engstrom.

The red dots on the map show the route taken. The return was almost the same, except from Pajara to Hill 372 was about a half mile south of the outbound track. A big mistake!

Part A ... The Trail out!



The Gang!

Two couples & 4 singles:

Martina & Derrick Leedy
Roy & Loretta Ashenfelter
Neil Becker; Ramon Gandia
Eric Smith; Glen Pardy

All gathered on the Dexter sandbar ready to cross the Nome River.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Nome River Crossing

You can see the Nome River is low, 12 inches of water at the most. Crossing was trivial.

Buster Creek and the start of the Buster Road are right across the river.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Machines over the Buster Ridge

Except for me and Neil, the group is making miles, raising some dust on this hot and beautiful July day.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Watch where ya Going!

You wants to pay attention and not fall off that cliff to the left.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Osborne and New Eldorado Creek

Past the ridge, we descend to the Osborne River, straight ahead.

Angling up and to the left is New Eldorado.

The trail climbs out of New Eldorado and enters the Willow Tunnels, on the upper left of the picture.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Crash Creek Ahead!

Once out of the Willow Tunnels, we climb up and over the saddle, and descend towards Garnet Creek.

I call it Crash Creek because in 1999 I had a bad crash there. I am older and wiser now.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Matson Creek Ahead!

Crash Creek behind us, the trail goes right by those two Alder patches.

Matson Creek is ahead, but in this picture the camera blends the foreground and background and Matson cannot be discerned.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Roy says, "That is where we wanna go next!"

This man was the giant of the trail, and his expertise and leadership is what made it all possible for the rest of us.

Loretta, behind him, is an accomplished rider.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Flambeau River Crossing

Enroute to "Hill 372", we crossed the Flambeau River here.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Neil Becker



Hill 372

Hill 372 is a gravelly hill, at least two miles long, and you can do 50 mph.

But it is also the last of the 'good trail.' Beyond here, There Be Dragons.

Picture Copyright © 2012 Ramon Gandia


Click here for Part B
Arrival and Return


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