My Last Song -- Ramon Gandia

When my body is put to rest, by bones will turn to dust.

By then, nobody that knew me will stil be alive; and I will be forgotten like the leaf that floats down the river.

And after ten thousand years, there will not be a trace; and the cycle of nature will be complete.

But my spirit will go through the five gates, and descend into the twelve stations of night for my atonements of those I have hurt and wronged.

My spirit will thus emerge into the sunshine, and cross the river to that far shore on the other side.

I will come to that great hall, where gods gather to witness and listen.

It is my hope that my two dogs, Sydney and Skipper, and my beloved daughter-in-law, Kandie, will be there to speak up for me.

Thus will I go forth into the summerlands, and there up in the mountains where there is a dusting of snow, I will run again with them, and be free.