Blessings of Inbolc

In the eastern skies, the stars begin to shimmer, and the clouds there faintly glow silver and pink. The harbingers of the coming dawn march higher in the sky.

Now, a definite paling of the sky, and low clouds there are a stronger red and bronze. The heralds of the Sun have arrived and open the gates.

The Sun now shines on the highest peaks, the eastern skies are aglow with Sunrays, the Goddess Aurora marches forth in her glory, spreading petals on the ground for her consort, the Sun God. All hail Aurora! All hail the Sun!

And now, in one instant the Sun breaks over the horizon. His warmth and power shine upon the faces of those that are turned to watch this most magical of events.

The Sun is our most powerful and sacred entity in the sky. From the Sun, all life derives. It is but the power of the Sun that makes trees grow, crops ripen, and maidens shine in splendor.

Inbolc, February 2nd, we celebrate the return of the power of the Sun. It marks the end of the dark and cold, and now allow its returning power to be felt. From this day, we can move outdoors, we can work outside, we relish in the thoughts of the coming summer.

All hail the power of the Sun!

We thank Aurora, goddess of the Sunrise and of the Sunset for the beautiful seasons, and the blessings of the sun on our upturned faces. And we also thank the Moon Goddess for lighting our path with her gentle glow.