Goodbye to Daisy Rock

To Daisy Rock, on your upcoming Journey,

May your path be an easy and beautiful one;
may it be lined with petals,
may the birds sing, and the animals chirp on your passing.
May you be blessed by Gaia.

Surely a crown of diamonds, and a garland of flowers be upon your head.
And how the moonlight shines upon your hair!

May Aurora, goddess of the sunrise greet you on your arrival.
May the bounty and beauty of the Summerlands be at your beckon!
May your youth and beauty be restored, and
may once again you become the consort of Baal.

We bid you goodbye, Daisy Rock, grandmother of my children,
and shall we meet again soon.

Rev Ramon Gandia
High Priest, Anvil Temple
Nome, Alaska, May 11, 2015

Copyright © 2011, Ramon Gandia