The Coming of Beltane

The Fires of Beltane!

But in Northern Alaska we do not yet expect to see green sprouts.

Breakup is approaching; the warmth of the Sun is like a fire inside us. We long for the freedom of Spring and Summer; the Sun God is waxing strong.

The Merry Month of May will see the rivers begin to run; the Willows begin to bud; the birds will flock overhead.

Believe in the Magick ... and it will Become True

Watch the Sunrise, and feel the power of the Sun!

Watch the ground, and see the first blooms ...

Look inside yourself, and believe that you can!

Beltane, May 1, we celebrate Fire, and the coming of spring. We can put our winter clothes away and get ready for summer. Our spirits can soar, fall in love, accomplish things. Beltane!

All hail the power of the Sun!