Inspecting the Outlet of Glacial Lake, Alaska - 7/10/99

©1999 R.Gandia

Mike Hahn has been my friend for 33 years. Here he is astride his Polaris Sportman 500 4x4 ATV. We are all eyeballing the outlet of Glacial Lake to see how we are going to get across. This is about 300 yards downstream of the outlet, and it was too deep. Upstream, right at the outlet itself, we found shallower water and got across.

The Polaris 4x4 ATV is a very capable machine. It has an automatic transmission, and a hand operated shifter (rev-N-hi-lo), which can be operated without getting water into your boots. It is a heavy machine, and you can go thru 2" willow stands and just bowl over the brush. With its independent suspension, the ride is very smooth and easy on the butt. Lastly, this machine has a very high intake snorkel and can go thru water that will submerge the seat without drowning out the engine. Impressive!

We are green with envy about his machine.... the rest of us drive "other brands."

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