General Delivery


There is a misconception that "General Delivery" is only via the US Post Office (USPS). Nothing could be further from the truth!

In NOME, UPS has its own General Delivery location:
Polar Cafe Restaurant, noon hour, Monday-Friday
Happens to be next door to the Post Office!

I should also note that UPS accepts packages destined to a PO Box, as well as General Delivery. USPS requires postage be paid before accepting a package,so if we get a package addressed to a PO Box, we will hold it until you claim it, or provide us a street address. Maximum hold is ten business days.

If you insist that this package be delivered to the USPS General Delivery or PO Box, then you need to pay us for the cost of mailing. You can mail me a check: Ramon Gandia, Box 970, Nome, Alaska 99762; OR you can pay me directly by check or cash at the Polar Cafe, noon hour, Monday-Friday, OR, we can return the package to the sender so they can send it all the way back here to Nome via USPS.

Again, we maintain a public presence, General Delivery, Package Dropoff, and General Chatting at:

UPS Table, Polar Cafe, 205 W Front Street

A few holidays, or natural disasters excepted.

Nome UPS has been in operation since 12/8/1997

Ramon Gandia - Owner / Operator - Nome UPS
Copyright © 2021, Ramon Gandia