UPS/Nome will continue to make deliveries


Due to the danger of spreading the virus, we will be taking precautions.

1. We will be avoiding all personal and close contact. The Driver will knock on the door or make his presence known, put the packages down, and step back.

If there is no response, and there is no suitable location to drop the package, we will take it back in the truck.

If the location is suitable for drop off, we will leave the package there.

If someone responds, the driver will step back about ten feet, make verbal or eye contact, and depart.

2. If you have any issues regarding this delivery, we will be happy to make other arrangements that do not involve personal contact. Please TEXT 304-1053.

Have your Name, Address, and the Tracking Number of the package. As usual, it is very seldom we can locate a package by NAME.

Voice calls do not work. Please use ONLY TEXT.

I do not do Facebook.

3. If no arrangements can be made, we will hold the package for 5 business days and then return.

4. We generally run a busy route, and trying to have the package at a specific time does not work.

5. You may consider a note on your door with your number or alternative delivery instructions/location.

And, yes, Amazon is out of Toilet paper. Or, if you make it to checkout, they say March 30 to April 15.

Stay Safe!

Ramon Gandia / Nome UPS / 304-1053