Contacting Nome UPS

UPS Nome operates Monday-Friday, year around.
Normal Business Hours are 1000 - 1930

We maintain a public presence, General Delivery, Package Dropoff, and General Chatting at:

UPS Table, Polar Cafe, 205 W Front Street
A few holidays, or natural disasters excepted.

Nome UPS has been in operation since 12/8/1997

When contacting us, please note:
We Only accept TEXT!
As a rule, we do not respond to VOICE calls. We welcome you to contact us, but please use TEXT. If you are calling from a landline, please beg, borrow or steal a cell phone to do this!

There are several good reasons for this.

  • We may be driving or have our hands full.
    With TEXT, we can get to the information without hassle.
  • As a rule, we need the tracking number for the package in question.
  • Writing down information, while on the road or doing other work, is very hard. With texting, we can cut-and-paste into the computer.
  • Avoids mistakes.
  • Often, customers call and it turns out was a FedEx or USPS (post office) package. With a tracking number, we can tell at once, and help you accordingly.

Ramon Gandia - Owner / Operator - Nome UPS
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