SPARC Repeater at Newton

Allen In the Box

April 1, 2014

Here is Allen Sagoonick KL3VH, working on the insides of the Repeater Box.

Tight Fit!

A whole bunch of people donated time and labor to make this project possible. We thank Allen Sagoonick, KL3VH; Keith Andrews, KL1CC; Ramon Gandia, AL7X; Ken Shapiro, KL1YJ; Rolland Trowbridge, KD8JOU; Randy Oles KL0JS; and the indomitable Don Erickson, KL2ZF.

The box is being provided by RAM - Ragchew Amateur Magic - and the contents are the former Anvil Mountain 147.15.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

The Repeater Box

The basic box is a Hazmat liquid container. A hatch, shown here under construction, was cut on the top. The box was then laid sideways so it is a door.

Later a floor was laid. The batteries, repeater radio and solar controller will be fitted inside.

The battery plant consists of twelve (12) 100-AMP AGM Sunlyght batteries.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

Heading up to Newton
April 11, 2014

The machine is Don Erickson Thiokol trail groomer pulling a tracked trailer. The groomer has twin track, 5 ft wide each. It is a beast.

The repeater box is on the trailer; the batteries and tools are on the deck in back of the Thiokol.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

Repeater Box in Place

The box is in place on top of Newton Peak. The batteries are inside, over half ton of them.

The radio mast, supporting struts and solar panel mount are in place.

Notice Newton Peak is higher than Anvil Mountain visible in the background. It has a better view all around than Anvil Mtn. Unlike Anvil, Newton does not have road access.

This housing is butt-ugly, but does the job.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

Don Erickson and the Thiokol

Showing the serious countenance, fierce aspect, and bag of tobacco chew at hand: Don Erickson, KL2ZF and the Thiokol atop Newton Peak.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

Ground Anchor
April 20, 2014

This is one of the four ground anchors drilled and set into the rock. The anchors are fine, but the wire is a bit skimpy and will be replaced this coming 2014 summer.

At least the whole caboodle will not blow down the mountain before then.

Picture Copyright 2014, Ramon Gandia

Ramon and Rolland
April 20, 2014

After it all concluded, here is Ramon, his dog Sydney, and Rolland Trowbridge --the hairless presidente of SPaRC-- posing for a picture.

Picture Copyright 2014, Rolland Trowbridge


During the Winter!
January 6, 2015

Here is what it looks on January 6, 2015. It is encased in ice. Not yet entombed - that may come later - just encased in ice.

Things have to be built rugged to last the Alaskan winters!

Picture Copyright 2015, Keith Andrews KL1CC